NextCOMP Team

NextCOMP builds on strong and fruitful collaborations formed between Bristol Composites Institute and The Composites Centre at Imperial College, together with an extensive network of industrial collaborators including High Value Manufacturing Catapult members through the National Composite Centre, and international expert advisors.

NextCOMP Team

Imperial College London Members

The Imperial College London NextCOMP Group are a diverse team with members from the Chemistry, Materials, Aeronautics, and Mechanical Engineering Departments who are in turn part of The Composite Centre.

Based across two campuses at South Kensington in the heart of the city, and at the newly developed White City Campus which is in close proximity to the Scalespace, and Translation & Innovation Hub. The Group has a strong history of collaboration between departments and enjoys the unexpected points of views this brings, and the wealth of expertise that can be drawn upon.

Imperial College Group

Imperial College London Group with Principal Investigator Milo Shaffer. The Group consists of Paul Robinson, Silvestre Pinho, Emile Greenhalgh, Soraia Pimenta, David Anthony, Dimitrios Bikos, Rupam Gogoi, Gursahib Singh Bhatia, Charlie Shaw, Hwei Linn Khoo, and Bruno Santos. Previous members include Tomas Katafiasz, Mayank Patni, and Torquato Garulli.

University of Bristol Members

The University of Bristol NextCOMP Group is primarily made up of members of the Bristol Composites Institute, a collective of Aerospace, Materials, Chemistry and Engineering disciplines with a focus on composite materials which is situated at the main campus in the city centre.

The Institute, in addition to having a research and education outlook, has close connections to industry and technology transfers, especially with the National Composite Centre (NCC) which is located just outside the city centre. Principally collaborative since conception, with a wide breadth of skills and a complementary knowledge base within the Group, complex challenges can be tackled efficiently.

University of Bristol Group

University of Bristol Group with Co-Principal Investigator Richard Trask. The Group consists of Michael Wisnom, Steve Eichhorn, Ian Hamerton, Giuliano Allegri, Jo Gildersleve, Laura Pickard, Bohao Zhang, Iheoma Nwuzor, Cameron Woodgate, Nicolas Darras, Ian Lee, Eleni Georgiou (photo not included), Joe Rifai, Xuanye Hu, Sudirja, and Mounika Karlapudi. Previous members include Rachel Board, Kirk Willicombe, Joseph Gargiuli, Chiara Petrillo, Gustavo Quino, Xiaodong Xu, Anna Taylor, and Hajnal Farkas.

External Advisory Board Members

We are thankful to the NextCOMP External Advisory Board for their invaluable insights and knowledge to help the NextCOMP Group maximise this opportunity. Experts in their field, we are delighted that Ignaas Verpoest (KU Leuven), Leif Asp (Chalmers), Vèronique Michaud (EPFL), Kristofer Gamstedt (Uppsala University), and Brian Wardle (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are able to be a part of this ambitious project.

External Advisory Board

The NextCOMP External Advisory Board is chaired by Ignaas Verpoest, and consists of Leif Asp, Vèronique Michaud, Kristofer Gamstedt, and Brian Wardle.

Affiliated NextCOMP Members

As the programme develops we are thrilled that we can collaborate with members across the world. Thoses who have close affiliation to the NextCOMP Programme include Alexander Bismarck (University of Vienna), Diana Bratilescu (University of Vienna), Gustavo Quino (Imperial College London), Torquato Garulli (University of Girona), Aree Tongloet, and Hassan A Almousa (Imperial College London).

Affiliated NextCOMP Members

Affiliated NextCOMP members include Alexander Bismarck, Diana Bratilescu, Gustavo Quino, Torquato Garulli, Aree Tongloet, and Hassan A Almousa.


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